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The Pre-Seder Family Experience

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Pesach this year will be like no other. As we all know, the Pesach Seder is the ultimate family experience. Sadly, families are now separated and will be unable to hold Seder together.

The Pre-Seder Family Experience will enable families to connect and have a wonderful family occasion before Yom Tov commences. Over Zoom, Skype and other platforms we will still be able to share this very special Pesach experience together.

The following are the details:

After nightfall, we conduct the Seder as we do every year. This includes all the mitzvot which can only be fulfilled at night-time.

For the Pre-Seder Family Experience, you can choose to include any of the following in order to enhance the shared family occasion:

The paragraph beginning ‘Ha Lachma’.

Ma Nishtana, followed by selections from Magid with songs and Divrei Torah, up until, but not including the beracha ‘Asher ge’alanu’, which is just before the meal commences.

Everything following Benching (Birkat Hamazon), including all the songs at the end of the Seder.

Nothing is to be eaten. We drink the Four Cups during the Seder after nightfall.

We turn ‘Zoom’ and the like off before the festival commences.

Lighting of candles for Yomtov, davening for Yomtov, followed by the Seder.

Wishing everyone a very healthly and meaningful Pesach.

Chag Kasher Vesameach,

Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis