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Communities are the building blocks of the Jewish people and as such, we can fortify Jewish life for generations to come, by creating strong communities. But what does a strong community look like?

All of our communities should strive to be powerhouses of religious commitment, educational excellence and social responsibility.

It was with this in mind that the Chief Rabbi created his flagship project for supporting communities, the Centre for Community Excellence (CCE). The Chief Rabbi believes that none of our Rabbis or community leaders should devise an event or programme which could strengthen, inspire and enthuse their congregants, only to find that a lack of funding makes the delivery of that programme impossible. CCE also acts as a hub, advising communities and connecting them to each other. Since it began in September 2014, CCE has proven highly successful, bringing countless creative ideas to life. We now receive anything up to 500 enquiries per month from people looking for both guidance and funding.

To find out more about how the Chief Rabbi supports communities or if you live in a community that might benefit from the work of CCE, please click here.