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Neshama Learning Circles

Neshama Learning Circles Following on from the Neshama Festival, the Neshama ‘Learning Circles’ initiative will provide an opportunity for groups of women to meet regularly to learn Torah and discuss issues that impact and affect their Judaism.

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The Ma'ayan Programme

The Ma'ayan Programme The Chief Rabbi's unique new course for women will produce exceptional female educators versed in matters relating to women's health and family purity.

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The rallying cry ‘Black Lives Matter’ should be understood as more than a powerful slogan. It is a call for rehumanisation in a world that seems in danger of forsaking its humanity.

While the shocking and tragic murder of George Floyd and the resulting protests across the world are currently making the headlines, the racism and dehumanisation that they have exposed is not new. We cannot stand idly by as it takes hold of our societies. However, it is also not enough for us to simply join in with a superficial chorus of disapproval. Real change calls upon us to find the courage to challenge racism wherever we come across it: on social media, in the streets, in our communities and in our hearts.

The world remains in the grip of the most devastating global pandemic in memory, a tragedy which should have placed all of humankind on the same side as we face a common foe. Now more than ever, we must recognise that we are all part of one global family within which all people are created in the image of God, whoever they might be.

Jewish tradition teaches that one who saves a life has saved an entire world and one who destroys a life has destroyed an entire world. Such is the value we must place on each and every human life. That ‘Black Lives Matter’ needs affirming at all is utterly shameful. There is no doubt that this is an essential wake up call for each and every one of us.
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