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The Chief Rabbi’s School’s Review

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The Chief Rabbi has launched a landmark review of Jewish schools under his authority in the UK. Over two evenings, the leaders of more than thirty schools gathered to hear from the Chief Rabbi, and representatives of the United Synagogue, UnitED (a project of the Ministry of Diaspora Affairs and Combatting Antisemitism in Israel) and PaJeS – each of whom are working in partnership to deliver this project.


The first phase of the Chief Rabbi’s Schools Review will be a comprehensive study of the Jewish educational ecosystem in the UK, undertaken by one of the world’s foremost Jewish educational consultants, Dr Alex Pomson of Rosov Consulting in Israel. Dr Pomson will undertake a ‘deep dive’ into the opportunities and challenges for Jewish education at both Primary and Secondary level by interviewing the schools themselves as well as other organisations and individuals that operate in the wider Jewish educational landscape.


This ambitious endeavour will build on existing best practices within Jewish schools while engaging with stakeholders and consulting experts to consider what we can do better and craft a forward-looking blueprint for the future of Jewish education.

Following the event, the Chief Rabbi said:

“There is hardly a more important mission than to instil within our children a proper understanding and deep love of their Judaism. My hope is that with this review, which could be the most significant Jewish educational initiative in a generation, we can create the very best possible environment for inspiring a generation of proud young Jews, equipped to thrive in an increasingly challenged world.”

Yom Tov Raanan – Deputy Director General for Ministry of Diaspora Affairs and Combatting Antisemitism said:

“The Ministry for Diaspora Affairs and Combatting Anti-Semitism views Jewish education as a long-term commitment, aimed at establishing a strong foundation for our children, their children, and all future generations. It is this foundation that enables us to navigate and overcome challenges, and at the end of the day – it is this foundation of a strong Jewish Identity that is the ultimate answer to Anti-Semitism. Therefore, this project is especially important for us, as we celebrate our Jewish spirit and unity by joining together towards a new future for Jewish education in the UK.”

Hana Dorsman, CEO of UnitEd, said:

“I am excited that we have reached this moment – launching such a significant project, the purpose of which is to enable schools to face the challenges of Jewish education for the younger generation in England, and to deepen the value and relevance that these schools provide to Jewish children. We are proud to be part of this collaboration between various organizations that work together for the future of Jewish education.”

Rabbi David Meyer OBE, CEO of PaJeS, said:

“This project, is a partnership of key organisations in the UK and Israel, alI united in our determination to work with all stakeholders, and with a vision to achieve what could be a paradigm shift in the delivery of Jewish education across the United Kingdom.”


The review’s project manager, Tamar Berman, director of school’s strategy at the US has published an article on the significance of a school’s review, which can be read here.