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In response to the challenges posed by so many of the world’s most urgent issues; poverty, prejudice, inequality, etc. the answer begins with a single word – education.

Education is the world’s great equaliser, providing opportunities where there might otherwise be none and creating knowledge and understanding where ignorance would otherwise reign. It provides a platform from which people of all ages are able to fulfil their potential and we have a responsibility, not only to maximise our own opportunities for learning but also to help others do the same. The Jewish community is blessed with countless organisations, charities and other institutions dedicated to both Jewish and secular educational excellence and the Chief Rabbi proudly supports many of them.

The Chief Rabbi is the President of the London School of Jewish Studies. He is the religious authority for dozens of Jewish schools across the country and offers advice and guidance to communities on how best to create inspiring and engaging educational programmes.

To download the Chief Rabbi’s guidance on Jewish School Admissions Criteria, click here.