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CCE Application form

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This grant is open to United Synagogue (US) and United Hebrew Congregation (UHC) communities.

To apply

Before clicking on the link to fill in the form you will need several elements of information to hand:

> Names and contact details for the Synagogue Rabbi, Chairman and Treasurer (you will not need to provide this if you have completed an application in the last 6 months)

> How many members the Synagogue has.

> All details regarding the programme you are applying for.

> You will be asked to include a budget detailing all projected costs and income.

Online application form

The form is a Google form. If you need to add/change information after starting the form, click submit. There will be dialogue box confirming your form is submitted giving you a link to edit your form. Please copy this link if you need it and bear in mind that the Chairman and Treasurer of the Synagogue must also read the form you are submitting and agree to the terms and conditions.

Please note:  A CCE grant enables the recipient community to hold a programme or event by minimising the projected shortfall. If the event ultimately incurs a shortfall totalling less than the CCE grant awarded, the grant will be reduced to reflect this. However, if the shortfall incurred totals more than originally anticipated, the grant will not be increased.

Apply here.