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Rabbis to Communities

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Communities need Rabbis.

Religious provision is a core priority for CCE, which endeavours to support communities lacking either a full or part-time Rabbi by connecting them with dynamic and experienced spiritual leaders. We have an excellent team of Rabbis and Ministers on hand to help us achieve this.

In the 3 years that the Chief Rabbi’s Rabbis to Communities project has been running, Rabbis and Ministers have successfully visited numerous communities across the UK, leaving congregants feeling spiritually uplifted and reenergised. Your community can stand to benefit from joining this network in the following ways:

  1. One-off visits to lead services and activities over a Shabbat or festival. The following activities are examples of what our roster of visitors may be able to offer:
  • Leining
  • Giving a sermon
  • Giving a shiur
  • Leading services
  • Leading a children’s/youth programme
  • Organising a Friday night Oneg
  • Conducting an explanatory service
  • Conducting a Q & A
  • Speaking at a communal meal
  • Any other reasonable request you may have
  1. A long-term relationship with a designated Rabbi or Minister that includes Shabbat and festival visits, together with ongoing support in all aspects of communal life. Support could include:
  • Officiating at life-cycle events
  • Assisting with community cohesion
  • Giving Halachic advice (where appropriate)
  • Providing educational activities
  • Staging enriching events throughout the Jewish year


Communities generally cover the costs of a visiting Rabbi or Minister, however if you think you may require financial assistance from CCE, please read these guidelines.

If you would like more information about Rabbis for Communities, please get in touch on 020 8343 6309 or email

What have communities been saying?


‘It was a fabulous weekend and the first time in living memory that we have spent a whole Shabbat in Shul. Rabbi and Rebbetzen Shisler are so approachable, knowledgeable and especially understanding of the workings of a very small community like ours. The “Ask the Rabbi” session after lunch was so entertaining and instructive that we ran out of time.’


‘He [Yossi Fachler] brought a high standard to the entire week. His personality livened up the atmosphere and he inspired better than most people can! A stimulus that the community needs – like turning on a light in a room.’


‘The idea of finding Rabbis who are capable of communicating with “middle of the road” orthodox communities, which are situated outside the main Jewish areas is quite wonderful. Now we have the chance to have a special Shabbat service lead by a visiting Rabbi.’


‘It was a pleasure to have this visit and made us realise that we are not forgotten or as isolated as we at times feel’.


‘We put on a light lunch for Rabbi Livingstone and we had a very interesting informal chat. Everyone were impressed and would welcome him back.’