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‘It doesn’t make sense.’ D’var Torah for Parshat Kedoshim

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It doesn’t make sense.

That’s how many people relate to the Torah’s regulations concerning mixtures.

Now, we are familiar with mixtures of meat and milk, and we know that you cannot prepare such mixtures, nor are you allowed to eat them.

There is Kil’ayim – that is the grafting of different seeds, and one is not allowed to do that. However, if somebody has already done so and has created a new fruit, one can eat it.

On the other hand, we’re told about Shatnez – that is a mixture of linen and wool.

There, a tailor is allowed to create such a garment, but we are not allowed to wear it.

So, with regard to these three kinds of mixtures, sometimes you can prepare but you can’t enjoy, sometimes you can’t prepare, but you can enjoy and sometimes you can’t do either!

It doesn’t make sense, but it doesn’t matter, because these are Chukim. These are laws that Hashem has laid down for us and He knows the logic behind them.

In fact, all those who carry out these laws can tell you – perhaps they might not be able to explain them – but they do have a transformative effect on their lives, in such an extraordinary way.

So often, we feel that the only predictable element of what’s happening in the world is its unpredictability.

The huge challenges of Covid have been followed so soon by the trauma of the war between Israel and Hamas and through it all, so much just doesn’t seem to make sense.

However, we know that we’re in good hands because whatever Hashem does, he does for the ultimate good of all of humankind. And if there is one thing we’ve learnt from history, it’s that Hashem protects his people.

Therefore, we know that while perhaps we can’t make sense of it all, Am Yisrael Chai. The Jewish people will live on. We will be strong, and we will thrive.

Shabbat Shalom.

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