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Parshat Va’era: A miracle within a miracle.

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A miracle within a miracle.

That is how Rashi describes the seventh of the ten plagues in Egypt.

The plague of hail.

And how was that the case? The Torah tells us ‘ve’esh mitlakkachat betoch habbarad’ – ‘there were sparks of fire within each and every hailstone.’

So, what was the miracle?

Well, it is obvious. Fire melts ice, and water puts out fire, so there was that miracle within the miracle.

And this made a deep impression on Pharaoh, King of Egypt.

He declared ‘chatati happa’am’ – ‘on this occasion I have sinned’.

‘Hashem Hatzaddik’ – ‘God Is right’. ‘Va’ani ve’ammi haresha’im’ – ‘and I and my people are evil’.

Sadly, after that, he did change his mind.

But Pharaoh was taken by this extraordinary phenomenon of fire and water co-existing successfully.

Emerging from this is an exceptionally powerful and timely message for us.

In the midst of a dark and tragic war, we currently have internal Jewish unity.

Let us guarantee that this will be preserved well beyond this war.

In addition, sometimes when it comes to the pursuit of peace, it seems simply unachievable for opponents, for different sides, for enemies to eventually achieve peace between each other.

And, yet the message of hailstones in Egypt is, that it is possible, for a miracle within a miracle to transpire.

Let us pray that ultimately that will be achieved, and we will enjoy peace with one and all.

Shabbat Shalom.

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