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Teaching Judaism: Chief Rabbi addresses teachers of the new Religious Studies GCSE

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Secondary school teachers who will be educating their students about Judaism as part of the reconfigured Religious Studies GCSE were addressed by the Chief Rabbi at an event created to better acquaint educators with the basic tenets of Judaism, as well as the ins and outs of the specification.

Speaking at the commencement of yesterday’s  seminar, which included comprehensive workshops, the Chief Rabbi gave an overview of Judaism and explored the centrality of prayer in Jewish life, particularly focusing on the private worship and the Amidah.

The chief Rabbi talks

Teachers of the Muslim and Christian faiths gather in Western Marble Arch Synagogue for a day of talks and workshops designed to better acquaint them with the new GCSE specification for Judaism


Jointly hosted by PaJes – the Partnership of Jewish Schools – and the Board of Deputies, the Teaching Judaism conference saw Muslim, Catholic and C of E teachers descend on Western Marble Arch Synagogue to learn more about the curriculum structure for the Judaism component of the new GCSE qualification. Pupils will begin learning the revamped GCSE in September and will be examined in 2018.

The teachers had all come from schools that have opted to teach Judaism as a second religion under reforms introduced by the government in 2014. Last December the Chief Rabbi recommended that Jewish schools avail of this opportunity by teaching Islam to pupils, a constructive measure that would allow the Jewish community to build bridges of understanding.