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‘A good leader strives to affect change,’ Chief Rabbi tells students

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More than 70 student leaders listened to the Chief Rabbi affirm the importance of activism and the power of community at the Union of Jewish Student’s Political Summit.

With Antisemitism and anti-Israel activity slated to become increasingly major concerns for Jewish students entering the new academic year – in the wake of the summer’s Gaza war – Chief Rabbi Mirvis has made it a priority to engage with, guide and inspire Jewish student leaders, activists and student Chaplains. He cited proactive engagement as a means of uniting the community, saying “We must aim to provide strength, hope, encouragement and inspiration to those who turn to us and we must seek to reach out to those who don’t turn to us.”

He reminded the gathering at JW3 that “a good Jew is not the one who just thinks and has good intentions, but one who acts and makes a difference.”