Office of the Chief Rabbi

A pub quiz with a difference


Bushey’s ‘next generation’ were invited to get to know their new Rabbi and Rebbetzen in a relaxed and fun environment with a quiz at their local pub. Rabbi and Rebbetzen Feldman were on hand to chat with attendees, who were both regulars and non-Shul-goers, as they puzzled over Jewish and non-Jewish quiz rounds and enjoyed chatting over refreshments. The event was for people aged 30 -50, which worked well, and set an innovative tone for community life that Bushey will seek to continue.

Evaluation from Organiser Sarah Zackeim:

“We had not organised any programmes specifically targeted at this age group for a long time. Happily the event was a sell-out, as we think people liked the idea of it being in the pub and not in the shul. It has created a very positive vibe. We have brought some new people in, or at least made the first step to involving them in our community.”

Participant Feedback:

  • “It was great to come to something different, especially as someone who doesn’t come to Shul very often. I really enjoyed the atmosphere and location.”
  • “It was excellent. Well put together and included lots of new faces who were impressed with the warmth of the community. I am sure we will see them again.”
  • “It was great fun and well organised, making a change from the usual Shul activities and seemed to attract some newcomers.”
  • “I felt a sense of pride of being in a community that’s not scared to do something different.”

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