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The Ma’ayan Helpline

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The Ma’ayan Helpline is a confidential and supportive service for women in the Jewish community who have halachic questions on sensitive issues, or whose observance of halacha raises other medical, psychological, psychosexual or relationship questions. The helpline will be staffed by graduates of the Chief Rabbi’s Ma’ayan Programme. You can find out more information about the programme here.

Run by women for women, the helpline will exist to ensure that every woman in the Jewish Community in the UK who would like the option to, is able to speak to a woman about sensitive issues.

The Ma’ayanot on the helpline have undergone extensive training and will be able to receive and answer questions. On some questions, they may consult further before answering. On wider issues, the Ma’ayanot can provide a listening ear, and can then signpost effectively to doctors, charities, or support services.

The helpline’s contact number is 020 4529 9740 and will run for an hour each day, from Sunday to Friday, as follows:

Sunday: 19:00-20:00

Monday: 10-00-11:00

Tuesday: 15:00-16:00

Wednesday: 19:00-20:00

Thursday: 14:00-15:00

Friday: 09:00-10:00

Outside of the live helpline hours, you can leave a voice message and a Ma’ayan will contact you. Alternatively, you can email The Ma’ayanot will aim to return the calls and respond to the emails within 24 hours.

The Ma’ayanot on the helpline are: Siobhan Dansky, Jacqueline Feldman, Raisel Freedman, Dina Golker, Shira Jackson and Aviva Zobin.

Our goal is that this helpline will provide support to women in the Jewish community and provide a platform for women to discuss halachic questions or sensitive issues.