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Liverpool Old: Carlebach Friday Night

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Liverpool Old Hebrew Congregation attracted new visitors and non-members into the shul for a Carlebach-style Friday night service that enhanced the spirituality of their Shabbat and led into a sociable communal meal that brought together members and students. Rabbi Abel took a range of questions during a Q & A session in which he addressed a range of issues.


To create a sense of an expanding community by attracting students and young families

Evaluation from Alaster Burman

‘The congregation had not held a Friday evening service for some considerable time, so it was suggested that we hold a Carlebach- style service, as a way of encouraging people to attend. This event was part of our drive to make Princes Road more active, as we encourage our members and young students residing closer to the city centre to get involved, not in just attending Synagogue services but taking part in other activities that our shul is offering.’

Participant Feedback:

  • We are now looking forward to the next one!
  • I enjoyed getting to know the Rabbi and his lovely family better and also to getting to know members of the community better. The Q&A were also particularly interesting and it was nice that people didn’t hold back with their questions.
  • Through CRE, what people see and hear coming from the Chief Rabbi’s office is going to help everyone find or continue to maintain their connection
  • Some more people attended our Shabbat service, plus there was a good atmosphere at our Kiddush and lunch.