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Cardiff: Learning together with JLI course

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Cardiff United joined the highly-respected Jewish Learning Institute to deliver a series of refreshing educational lectures, presented by Rabbi Rose, over a six-week period. The content, which had been rigorously prepared and researched by the JLI team, dealt with many of Judaism’s big questions to provide participants with a deeper understanding of their religion and ignite a new interest in Jewish learning. For some attendees, this was their first time studying in shul for many years.


To enhance the Jewish knowledge of the community through interesting and engaging, professional – quality courses
To engage people in education on a new and refreshing level, to bring about a fundamental shift in attitudes towards Jewish study and place more priority of quality education for all ages

Evaluation from Rabbi Rose:

‘The programme led to participants, some of whom do not regularly study in shul, to having a better understanding of the reasoning behind the things we do and their relevance to our daily lives in the service of the Almighty. The appealing content and professionalism of the JLI encouraged many to attend a well-prepared course that covered the Jewish reasoning and rational behind what we believe. A huge thank you to the CRE for getting off the ground what I would have thought near impossible in the past, and with fantastic results beyond everyone’s expectations.’

Participant Feedback:

  • This was a first class course, well-resourced and excellently presented by Rabbi Rose.
  • The JLI course has given me an insight into why we routinely do what we do, giving me enough knowledge to go on to learn more – I understand the basics.
  • I came away with greater knowledge of various things from a Jewish perspective…it was a diverse and interesting course.
  • Not only have I gained a widespread knowledge of various subjects, but I also spoke to people in the community who I haven’t really spoken to before!