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Ma’ayanot – draft

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In April 2018, ten women graduated from the Chief Rabbi’s Ma’ayan Programme, having completed 18 months of learning and training to become high-level educators for the Jewish community, as well as advisors in the area of Taharat Hamishpacha (laws of family purity) and women’s health issues.

The Ma’ayanot have a great deal to offer communities and the Office of the Chief Rabbi would be pleased to discuss various options with you to find a way to maximise benefit in your community.

What can a Ma’ayan offer?

A Ma’ayan can offer the following provision to a community:

  • Capacity as an outstanding educator, to add to the educational offering that a community has in place. This will relate to all subjects and areas of Jewish learning, and can benefit the whole community.
  • Knowledge and expertise in the area of Taharat Hamishpacha (laws of family purity) which can be used to:
    • Deal with individual questions on Taharat Hamishpacha
    • Run programming for women in the area of Taharat Hamishpacha
  • Knowledge and understanding of wider women’s health, emotional, psychological and mental health issues, as well as the halachic perspective on these issues, which will enable the Ma’ayan to:
    • Run programming for women in any of these areas
    • Support women of all ages in the community and to signpost women to services for further support, as appropriate.

You can view example shiurim topics and courses here and read more about each of the Ma’ayanot here.

If you would be interested in knowing how a Ma’ayan could help your community, please email: or call 020 8343 6219.