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Yeshurun: Friday Night Series

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Well over 100 people attended the inaugural event of Yeshurun’s eagerly-anticipated Friday Night Live Series, which was a resounding success. Keen to increase attendance and improve the atmosphere at Friday night services, this evening saw many members join in the beautiful, spiritual experience that marks the commencement of Shabbat. There was also explanatory commentary to satisfy any queries, Shabbat prayer and zemiros booklets for use throughout the series and beyond, and a rousing communal dinner complete with speakers and activities.


For the youth and young families to be able to lead a Friday night service by the end of the series; to increase attendance and understanding of the importance of Shabbat.

Evaluation from Tamar Frieze:

“The launch event for Friday Night Live series was an enormous success. Our aim was to get people into Shul for Friday night service and more specifically on the 25th December, should they have been tempted to celebrate something else.  We wanted to deliver a multi-generational activity and the split was what we had hoped, with one third of attendees being under 18. The ruach was great and many young families heard how good the night was and are waiting to join the next Friday Night Live session. The launch event has help spread lots of great chatter about the series so we’re now planning number two in the series!”

Participant Feedback:

  • Yet more evidence that we have a very active and lively community whose events I enjoy immensely and am always proud to be a involved with.
  • It was a great communal success, enjoyed by everyone, with a good speaker, great atmosphere, and a true Shabbat Ruach.
  • Friday night Shabbat dinners at shul are always very special so it’s always enjoyable to spend time with friends and family.
  • Drawing in the whole family for a beautiful service and lovely kiddush was a marvellous idea, and shows our youngest members that Friday night is not just about chicken soup, but prayer as well. Togetherness emerged as the winner.