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Sharing Streimels: The Travelling Chasidim visit Chigwell

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The Chigwell & Hainault community enjoyed a unique Shabbaton and musical Melava Malka featuring popular performers The Travelling Chassidim, whose message of mutual respect and love between Jews left attendees of the community Shabbaton – which included both members and non-members – with a strong and uplifting impression of Jewish unity. Streimels were tried for size and stories were swapped during a weekend of community meals and services made all the livelier by the visiting entertainers.


To inspire, engage and connect attendees, be they members or non-members
To create a unique Shabbat experience that will draw people in and reinvigorate their connection with Judaism

Evaluation from Steven Sandford

‘It is almost impossible to put on an event where teenagers and 80 year olds both have an incredible time. Yet somehow The Travelling Chassidim achieved this. Their ability to talk to each person at their level, whether based on age, gender or level of observance was fantastic. It was lovely that 20 people who had not booked for the Melava Malka turned up on the night because they had enjoyed Shabbat so much. The support from CRE allowed us to cover the costs of The Travelling Chassidim while ensuring we could make the whole Shabbat and Melava Malka affordable to our members. Many thanks!’

Participant Feedback:

  • It was good to enjoy a truly atmospheric Shabbos  – Kevin Block
  • I came away with a closer connection to Hasidism, as well as experiences of an amazing Friday night and Melava Malka that are certainly not the norm in Chigwell!
  • They were amazing and brought something special to Shabbas that, for me, was so spiritual and emotional – Nicola Tiller
  • We learned such a lot from them and had such a meaningful Shabbat – Lindsay Shure