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Chief Rabbi’s statement on Copenhagen Attack

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The Chief Rabbi issues a strong condemnation of the terrorist attacks that have sown fear and despair in Copenhagen, drawing a parallel with the carnage in Paris last month and urging society not to be cowed by terror. 

“I am appalled by the two terrorist attacks in Copenhagen. We express our solidarity with the families of those killed and we pray for the recovery of those who have been injured. We stand together at this challenging time.

The terrorists who seek to harm Jews also seek to strike at the very heart of Western civilisation; the police are a target, the media is a target, shoppers are targets, volunteers who protect buildings are targets. Amidst worrying, worsening levels of extremism in Europe, the similarities between the attacks in Paris and Copenhagen highlight the threat that is being posed to democracy and freedom and also the vulnerability of Jews who are being targeted only because they are Jews. Events in Copenhagen come in the wake of terrorist attacks on Jewish communities in Toulouse, Brussels and Paris.

We must never give in to terror and we must not shy away from tackling it and its root causes. We pray that the values of respect, tolerance and peace will prevail.”