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Cardiff: A dose of Shabbat Ruach

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Cardiff congregants packed out their shul hall for a full Shabbat experience, backed by the CRE funding that has allowed ruach-filled services and communal meals to become a regular fixture.  Two thought-provoking speakers – from charity ‘Race Equality First’ and from within the congregation – impressed attendees.


To enhance the shabbos experience for members and have an enjoyable platform through which to educate and inspire; to give members who are alone a chance to have company; to increase attendance at Friday Night Minyanim

Evaluation from Rabbi Rose

“We were able to provide the community with a great Shabbos experience and atmosphere, especially for many who are normally alone or normally housebound. It also provided a brilliant opportunity for the young professionals and students less familiar with a shul service to immerse themselves in Shabbos and the community.  Attendance was far higher than expected, creating great communal spirit.  I strongly recommend similar events for other provincial communities.”

Participant Feedback:

  • I observed a sense of togetherness and belonging in the community that was truly special
  • The ruach at previous Friday Night dinners left me wanting more! Small communities like ours really do have a wonderful feeling of unity.
  • A fabulous evening with great food and even better company.
  • Spending quality time with the wider Jewish community was a big draw for me; it’s a nice alternative to staying in.

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