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Ben Azzai Application Form 2022

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  • The Chief Rabbi's Ben Azzai Programme

    The Chief Rabbi's Ben Azzai Programme is a year-long initiative that educates high calibre university students on four key global issues of the day: international development, the refugee crisis, global public health and climate change. Throughout the programme, participants meet with and learn directly from individuals and organisations working in these areas, and do so within an orthodox framework, becoming ambassadors familiar with the place of social responsibility within Jewish identity. At the end of the year, participants will share their experiences widely, within communities, in schools, on campus and beyond.
  • Tzedek

    Tzedek is the UK Jewish community’s response to extreme poverty. We believe that the British Jewish community can and should be involved in global development and achieving a just world. Many of the problems directly affecting people living in extreme poverty are best understood by the people themselves. We have learned that listening, empowering and helping people to help themselves is the best approach to achieving sustainable change. All our work is guided by the expertise and insight of local partner organisations, complemented by the technical expertise of Tzedek. We work within a strong framework of Jewish values to inspire and encourage future community leaders, giving them the opportunity to take action. By exposing Jewish youth to diverse voices through interfaith, inter-cultural programming, we are equipping them with the tools they need to understand their global community and partner with others to make lasting change. We believe that social justice will only be achieved with the involvement of everyone, and the Jewish community must play its part. We aim to inspire a committed core of leaders and activists to effect change, solving local and global challenges.