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Unity in Israel

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The Chief Rabbi has issued the following statement calling for unity in Israel:

I never thought that we would witness a time when citizens of Israel, including respected leaders, are openly speaking about the possibility, God forbid, of civil war.

Every Shabbat and Festival we pray: “Grant peace in Your Holy Land and everlasting happiness to all its inhabitants”. Today, these words apply to internal peace, as well as to the longstanding external threats facing Israel.

At this moment of national crisis, Jewish unity must be our foremost priority.

Jewish unity is not only a noble aspiration. It is a sacred responsibility – for politicians, leaders, activists, and for us all, both in Israel and around the world.

I fervently pray for the success of the efforts of all those who are promoting dialogue, understanding and mutual respect, despite the depth of the challenges.

If any country specialises in achieving the apparently unachievable, it is the State of Israel. To do so today, it must hold fast to the principles upon which it was founded – respect and dignity for all of its people, regardless of their background or political leanings.