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Re’eh: What we have always had is new every day!

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The Torah has been given to us today.

That is how we should approach the Torah and its mitzvot on every day of our lives. The inspiration for this comes from the beginning of Parshat Re’eh. There the Torah says (Devarim 11:26),

“Re’eh anochi notein lifneichem hayom,” – “See,” says Hashem, “How I am giving you today all these opportunities to enhance your lives and to make this into a better world.”

In similar fashion, in the Shema, Hashem says (Devarim 30:11),

“Asher anochi metzavecha hayom,” – “Which I am giving you today.”

It’s obvious that it was being given on that particular day so why does Hashem repetitively say the word ‘hayom’ – ‘today’?

Chazal our sages teach that this is in order that we should remember,

“Bechol yom vayom yihyu be’einecha kachadashim,” – “That on every single day of our lives the mitzvot should appear to us as if they are brand new,” given to us ‘hayom’ – on this very day.

Rashi adds that we should not, God forbid, relate to the mitzvot as being old fashioned, belonging to an era long past without any relevance to us, but rather the mitzvot should be like something which is brand new in our eyes, as something given today. It’s very much like the latest model of a particular product being advertised. Everybody is talking about it. Everybody’s trading in their old models for this brand new one. As you hold it in your hands, you appreciate everything that it does for you; all its exciting features. That’s how we should relate to the mitzvot on every day of our lives. And the great thing about the mitzvot is that this is not just a PR stunt – it is true! That’s the greatness of Hashem and the Torah we’ve been given: given thousands of years ago, in truth it has relevance and meaning on every single day of our lives.

“Ashreinu ma tov chelkeinu ma naim goraleinu,” – “How happy and privileged we are,” to have the mitzvot to use and to enjoy, in order that ‘hayom’ – this day, and every single day of our lives is full of meaning and purpose as a result.

Shabbat shalom.




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