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Visit to National Holocaust Centre has profound impact on Bushey members

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The importance of Holocaust education was reaffirmed for members of Bushey’s SAGE group during a sombre trip to the Beth Shalom National Holocaust Centre and Museum in Nottingham. The group, which comprises retired and semi-retired members of the community were moved by the vivid written, illustrated and recorded testimonies that brought the horrors of the Holocaust to life. They were also humbled to hear first-hand the account of a survivor from Germany.

Evaluation from Stuart Bloom, Organiser:

‘Whilst all attendees are fully aware of the atrocities of the Holocaust, to be able to see written and illustrated testimony as well as photography and recorded interviews, bought it all sharply into focus yet again. We all came away with our own personal thoughts on how this affected us but even more determined that future generations must be taught about the Holocaust and never be forgotten.’

Participant Feedback:

  • ‘Extremely well organised and well worth a visit learnt quite a lot.’
  • ‘It was the most amazing, awe-inspiring and moving trip.  I will go again.’
  • ‘Very well-presented and very interesting.’