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  • Pause for Thought: Transform hatred into love

    As we are forced to bear the terrible news that the three boys kidnapped in Israel – Naftali Frenkel, Gilad Shaar and Eyal Yifrach – were murdered by their abductors,
  • Thought for the Day: Make the most of the journey

    Following the Jewish community’s celebration of Shavuot, the commemoration of the giving of the 10 Commandments by God to the Jewish people, the Chief Rabbi examines the symbolism of the
  • Thought for the Day: Finding the ‘extraordinary’

    As the Jewish world prepares to celebrate the anniversary of the giving of the Ten Commandments, also known as Shavuot, the Chief Rabbi reflects on the unknown location of this
  • Thought for the Day: Making interfaith inroads

    As the Pope prepares to undertake the customary religious pilgrimage to Jerusalem, the Chief Rabbi delights in the knowledge that other faith leaders are accompanying him – proof that one
  • ‘Sunday’ interview with Edward Stourton

    The Chief Rabbi featured on Edward Stourton’s ‘Sunday’ show this week, looking back on the first six months of his Chief Rabbinate and reiterating his priorities for the future. Education
  • Thought for the Day: Holocaust Memorial Day

    On Holocaust Memorial Day the Chief Rabbi recalls the stoicism of his great uncle – a Rabbi who escaped the Holocaust only to suffer devastating losses – to emphasise the
  • Nelson Mandela 1918–2013

    ‘Having been born and raised in South Africa, I am today mourning the death of Nelson Mandela, who has been an inspiration to me and countless others. A transformational figure
  • Pause for Thought: Chanukah recalls a desperate quest for self-determination

    Bringing doughnuts into the studio for his Chanukah Pause for Thought message on the Chris Evans Show, the Chief Rabbi quickly sets the tone for his festive message. Introducing Les