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Yeshurun Women Unite for Passion and Purpose of the Mikve

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The evening was for both unaffiliated and affiliated women, to educate about the Mitzvah of Taharat Hamishpacaha at whatever level or stage they are in life. The aim was to encourage all the married women to use the Mikve at least once in their lives. The programme started with opening comments from a woman who only recently went to the Mikve for the first time after 27 years of marriage. There was then some light learning about the different Halachic and Hashkafic aspects of the Mitzvah with the programme ending with stand-up comedy about the Mikve. It was an elegant evening with beautiful desserts, wine and drinks and takeaway gifts for all attendees. It was hosted by the local Chabad house where the beautiful Mikve is situated.

Evaluation from Rebbetzen Nechama Atlas:

“The evening started with a fab spread of refreshments at the reception. We then walked into the Mikvah and received a short explanation of using the Mikvah. From there, the ladies went into a beautifully decorated marquee where they found gorgeous goodies bags. The programme started with thanks to the different people involved and the Chief Rabbi’s office for its support. We are receiving outstanding feedback including from a few women, who have already said they will come to use the Mikvah. They all said their approach towards the Mikvah has changed completely”.

Participant Feedback:

  • ‘It was a wonderful event, really enlightening and made me want to use the Mikve and pass on the information to my daughter when appropriate’ .
  • ‘Both Rebbetzen Nechama and Rebbetzen Chavi gave me so much more of an insight into Mikve than I ever knew. They were so passionate about the feelings and emotions they go through, and as one who only went before I got married I have changed my mind for the future’.