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ShabbatUK @Woodside Park

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Woodside Park’s ShabbatUK was a total triumph, attracting 400 people to stay at shul throughout the course of Shabbat day and attuning them to the many benefits of Shabbat observance – made all the easier by the launch of the new Eruv. Participants learnt more about Shabbat, right through from the Challah Make, to the Kabbalat Shabbat programme for which adults left work early, to the communal lunch and giant Havdalah ceremony that rounded off proceedings. A group of Israeli war veterans were special guests at the Shabbat table, where they shared their experiences.


To share the beauty of Shabbat and Judaism

To feel a sense of belonging within our community, demonstrating compassion for others

To ensure as many members as possible were engaged and involved in some way with WPS ShabbatUK programmes

To have members accept the WPS Shabbat UK challenge of doing one more special thing from a list of options for that particular Shabbat

Evaluation from Rabbi Hackenbroch:

“We surpassed our expectations with the hundreds that attended our programmes both before, during, and after Shabbat. Through these communal celebrations and events, the sense of community was strengthened. The programme was a resounding success in reaching out to a broad cross-section of our community to engage and observe Shabbat to a greater degree. Several families have already expressed a wish to deepen their commitment and engagement with Shabbat and involvement in our community.”

Participant Feedback:

  • I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and felt there was something for everyone. My 9-year old was very positive about the experience
  • It was fantastic! The food was great, the atmosphere was amazing and so much hard work obviously went into this. It was amazing to see so many people enjoying Shabbat together
  • Wow! Wow! Wow! I take my hat off to the organisers especially those in charge of the catering