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Whitefield: Chief Rabbis of the World

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Community life in Manchester assumed an exciting international aspect for members of the Whitefield congregation as the Chief Rabbi of Rome came to discuss intriguing aspects of Jewish Medical Ethics. There was time to socialise at the preceding Italian-themed meaty supper, which allowed people to come to the event straight from work.


To encourage people to see the shul as a hub of communal events where members could exploit opportunities for socialising and learning as well for spiritual fulfilment.

Evaluation from Rabbi Guttentag:

“The relaxed, informal environment that we’ve created has given people confidence in our events and proven the quality and calibre of our programming. It would be wonderful to invite the Chief Rabbi of Rome back with a delegation from his community, as well as to reciprocate with a trip from Whitefield.”

Participant feedback:

  • For me, the event’s success may be measured both in the new knowledge that I obtained and the fact that some people present only normally visit the shul on Yom Tovim.
  • The evening gave me a better understanding of the reasoning behind halachic decisions and Jewish medical ethics, as well as an insight into the long-standing relationship between Jews and the Catholic Church in Italy.
  • It was fascinating to hear the Chief Rabbi, whose talk provided a window onto Jewish life in Rome. Attending the talk enhanced my sense of involvement in the shul.
  • I enjoyed learning about the current state of Jewish life in another part of Europe, and was especially interested in the Chief Rabbi’s daily occupation as a Radiologist.