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During the pandemic parents have become teachers in their own homes. Pinner shul set up a weekly online event to gather these new ‘teachers’ together to learn from each other. Each week an expert delivers a short talk on the topic of parenting, education or pastoral issues. The parent-teachers then have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss their own experiences. The shul also delivered PPE, ‘Parent Pamper Equipment’, consisting of relaxing candles, indulgent dark chocolate and soothing hand cream, all necessary after a long day of teaching their new students.

Evaluation from Rebbetzen Kurzer:

‘We had some excellent speakers who were received very well and we would use them again. The PPE was really enjoyed and gave the program an edge and I think also ensured it was firmly on the map in peoples diaries. Biggest achievement was those families who came back week after week on a Sunday evening. As it spread for 7 weeks over the coronavirus is also created a supportive environment for the challenges people were facing.’

Participant Feedback:

  • ‘It has been great on many levels. The programme has given us something to look forward to each week in this strange time. It’s been really educational and supportive – getting together with other parents and hearing them asking the same questions you’ve been thinking about yourself removes a lot of anxiety from being a lock-down parent.’
  • ‘We both enjoyed it very much. Looked forward to it every week and completely appreciated the efforts that went into planning it and the advice and insight from the collection of very interesting speakers.’