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Chief Rabbi tours UJIA projects in the Galil

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The Chief Rabbi toured charity projects across the Galil region of Israel to observe firsthand how the generosity of the UK Jewish community has benefited young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

He was guided by UJIA CEO Michael Weiger around several initiatives working to generate new educational and employment opportunities for Israeli youth, including Shlomi High School, Merom HaGalil Educational Campus and Carmiel Children’s Village. There are high levels of social deprivation in the region, with almost half of children in Northern Israel living below the poverty line.


Expressing his gratitude to UJIA for their life-changing work, the Chief Rabbi observed that “real changes are taking place, and many people can now look forward to a promising future” as a result of the organisation’s “professionalism and strategic planning”.

“The overall positive impact on the State is immense and I am proud of what our community, through UJIA, is achieving,” he added.

UJIA commented that the trip “was an amazing opportunity to show [the Chief Rabbi] our work” and that they were delighted to have his support.