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The Chief Rabbi signs declarations condemning FGM and forced marriage

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Today, the UK is hosting the first ‘Girl Summit’, aimed at mobilising efforts to end female genital mutilation (FGM) and child, early and forced marriage (CEFM). The Chief Rabbi has joined with other faith leaders and signed two declarations Female Genital Mutilation Religious Leaders Declaration & Faith and Community Leaders Declaration on Forced Marriage both of which will be announced by Deputy Prime Minister, Rt Hon Nick Clegg  MP at the Summit, co hosted by UNICEF, this afternoon.

See the text of both statements below:


Female Genital Mutilation Religious Leaders Declaration

We, the signatories, recognise that:

• Female Genital Mutilation, in all its types, is a grave violation of the rights of girls and women.

• Female Genital Mutilation is child abuse and a violation of a child’s bodily integrity as well as their right to health.

• Female Genital Mutilation can have serious consequences for a woman’s health and in some instances can lead to death.

• Female Genital Mutilation is not a religious requirement. Causing harm and distress is not condoned by our faith.


Faith and Community Leaders Declaration on Forced Marriage

We agree that:

• Forced marriage is a serious violation of human rights and a form of violence against women and men.

• Consent to marriage should always be full and free.

• Forced marriage can carry grave consequences. Victims of forced marriage can suffer physical, psychological, emotional, financial and sexual harm.

• As leaders of our communities, we do not accept any practice which causes harm and distress to the victims.

• Our faith does not condone forced marriage.