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Spoken word artist entertains Barnet for ShabbatUK

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Hundreds of people had the chance to be entertained and inspired by the talented American spoken word artist Ari Lesser, who educated crowds throughout Barnet’s ShabbatUK – at the community Challah Make, during davening on Friday night, at Friday Night Dinner, in the children’s services and on Shabbat morning when he rapped a sermon. He succeeded in connecting with people of all ages and backgrounds, leaving them with some highly memorable ShabbatUK experiences.

Evaluation from Rabbi Barry Lerer:

‘He was absolutely incredible and loved by every member of our community both young and old unaffiliated and affiliated. He rapped a phenomenal sermon in the main service that had people mesmerised. We really can’t thank the CCE enough as without their funding we couldn’t have dreamt of having such an exceptional and inspirational guest speaker/entertainer. ShabbatUK in Barnet certainly brought people closer to the community and I have already had emails asking about similar programmes to be put on during the year!’

Participant Feedback:

  • ‘Ari Lesser’s Eshet Chayil rap was uplifting and all the work done by the organisers was exceptional. An amazing event for all that attended.’
  • ‘I managed to meet and mingle with a large number of our members who I had not spoken to before.’
  • ‘It was all amazing and uplifting. Loved the rapper and enjoyed organising the afternoon activity.’
  • ‘Ari Lesser really enhanced the services for me. Can we have him again?! Barnet is a warm & welcoming community and I like being part of that.’