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South Manchester: Pre-Pesach Matzah Making

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There was great excitement in the build-up to the Matzah-baking session organised by South Manchester Hebrew Congregation for a group of men and boys. After attending a Shiur to learn about the Halacha surrounding this mitzvah, the group visited a rented Matzah Bakery to make Shemurah Matzah in a session that facilitated intergenerational bonding and strengthened participants’ connection to their Judaism. It was a completely new experience for everyone involved.


To educate about the Inyan of Matzah in general and Shemurah in particular, to raise awareness of Pesach beyond the usual Manishewitz macaroons

To encourage the participants to have a greater understanding of Pesach and it’s Halachos, which can then be reinforced next year before Pesach too

Evaluation from Rabbi Lewis

‘No one had ever done this before and they were all enthralled by it; they have begged for it to be repeated again. The sense of community and joining together to prepare for a Yom Tov in such a spiritual way has left everyone feeling special and spiritual. Three days on and it is still the main topic of conversation in the Shul so that those who couldn’t attend can’t wait until next time.’

Participant feedback:

  • I was encouraged to attend by the Rabbi, the opportunity to perform a unique Mitzvah, and the general hype surrounding the event. I will be proud to share with my children and grandchildren at the Seder table, Shemurah Matzah that I made myself. The Mitzvah juts got that much better and real for me and my family. Alan Berg
  • A group of 14 men; fathers, Zeides and sons all joined together to perform what I and my friends considered to be a once in a lifetime experience – although we do hope that it can be repeated annually.
  • I have gained an increased understanding of how Matzah is made and the Halacha around timing. I will really enjoy using these Matzot at my Seder.