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South Hampstead: Sukkot Cheder

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Cheder students joined the synagogue’s rabbinical team for an upbeat dinner and diverse educational programme in the community Sukkah.


To ensure students still receive enjoyable and spiritually-beneficial educational experiences during a period of disrupted classes over the Chagim; to get children excited about Jewish festivals.

Evaluation from Rabbi Eli Levin:

“This festival-focussed event ensured that children had a totally engaging Sukkot educational experience via a hands-on event in the Sukkah. This was especially important considering that the majority of students do not have Sukkot at home. By the evening’s end parents were requesting a Cheder Pesach Seder for all the family!”

Participant Feedback:

  • A fun and joyful evening that gave our children a stronger sense of identity and belonging.
  • As our child’s first experience of a Sukkah, it was a lovely way to learn about Sukkot.
  • What a well-organised event. It offered the perfect combination of spirituality, storytelling and fun activities, while allowing children the opportunity to spend an evening with the wonderful rabbinic team and Cheder staff.


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