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Solihull: Purim Parcel Scheme

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This was a two-part project designed both to enthuse adults and children on an educational level and to spread some Tikkun Olam by distributing Mishloach Manot. 25 community members enjoyed packing the parcels in Shul before Purim, before a team of volunteers set out delivering them the next day. This initiative enabled the shul to reach a larger audience, all of whom partook in fulfilling the mitzvah of Mishloach Manot, and brought Jews together for a special, spiritual purpose.


To bring the community together in preparing the parcels and to involve them in distribution. Raising awareness of Purim and creating a community spirit.

Evaluation from Rabbi Pink:

“The programme served to raise the profile of Purim. It also helped to promote community cohesion and most importantly allowed us to ensure that people who would not have received mishloach manot due to the physical impossibility of covering such a large area where not forgotten. This garnered lots of thank from the recipients.”

Participant Feedback

• Knowing that I am a valued member of our Community. I believe they’ve got everything meaningful already well organised.

• It is nice to receive the parcel and join in the Purim fun and we also delivered some amongst the community. There is a wonderful atmosphere and we are pleased to be part of such a welcoming shul and we all support one another in good and bad times.

• A nice reminder of Purim when we were young. Thank the Chief Rabbi for all the help he is giving to small communities