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Solihull’s ‘Purim in a Box’ project brings joy to community

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Smiles were brought to the faces of elderly and housebound Jews living in and around Solihull as Rabbi and Rebbetzen Pink, together with a group of volunteers, packed up full Purim meals and hand-delivered them. This format had already proved itself to be a highly successful charitable format, with similar boxes being delivered for festivals last year.

Evaluation from Rabbi Pink:

“Purim in a Box encouraged people to volunteer their time to help others and enabled those who wouldn’t have been able to celebrate Purim to do so. One recipient lived in a small village miles from anywhere. The look of delight on his face when we turned up with the Purim Parcel made the effort worthwhile”

Feedback from parcel recipient:

  • I was really feeling down when the doorbell rang and there was the Rebbetzen with a delicious meal. I was laughing and crying from joy at the same time. Feeling Purim even though I couldn’t get out. Thank you to the Chief Rabbi for his amazing fund that allows our tiny shul to do so much good work”