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Solihull: Pre-Pesach Trip to London

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Members of Solihull were treated to a full Pre-Pesach experience with a coach trip to London that allowed participants to pick up their Pesach shopping from the well-stocked shops of North London, while getting to know each other better. They enjoyed a full kosher lunch at the home of an ex-Solihull member, and an enjoyable educational aspect was added through a talk by Rabbi Odze and a Pesach-themed Q & A on the coach journey.


To raise awareness of Pesach, promote community cohesion, and strengthen links with ex-Solihull members
To lay the groundwork for further trips before Rosh Hashona and again next Pesach to provide access to good sources of kosher food

Evaluation from Rabbi Pink:

‘This wonderful day out reinforced the message that even a tiny community can organise quality events, and that living in the provinces does not mean that you cannot fully celebrate Jewish festivals. Thank you once again to the Chief Rabbi’s Centre for Rabbinic Excellence for their ongoing support, advice and encouragement.’

Participant Feedback:

  • It was a chance to make new friends and get to know the members of Solihull synagogue better – Michael Watts
  • I have gained a better appreciation of Passover, some new friends and some extra weight from the excellent food!
  • When we heard about the coach going to London we were so delighted. Rabbi Pink is an amazing Rabbi who cares about the community and would help them in any way. An amazing day, and hope we have many more similar days to look forward to in the future – Sharon Lester
  • Rabbi Odze’s talk was very informative and interesting. Visiting the numerous kosher shops of Golders Green is such a luxury coming from a city where there are no such outlets – Jenny and Bernard Librack