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Singers Hills: Succah Crawl Bus Hop

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To stimulate interest in Succot, and specifically the building a Succah, Singers Hill arranged for their teen members to board a special bus that took them on a Succah Crawl of 7 families in the community, thereby increasing opportunities for positive and enjoyable engagement with the festival and each other. The Rabbi also built a Succah with them, and the ruach and great atmosphere generated on the bus carried through to Simchat Torah the next day, when more people turned out as a result.


To encourage people to build sukkah and teach children the fun side of having a Sukkah

Evaluation from Rabbi Jacobs

‘Despite being half term and many young families being away we had 27 children and teens which for a small community is fantastic. We visited five Succot and all the children had a great time and have been talking all about it. This has become the talk of town and people were surprised we still have so many Jewish children in Birmingham. Seeing the children with the elderly was amazing and brought so many different parts of the community together.’

Participant Feedback:

  • The children spent valuable time with their friends, learning all about Succot and how families spent their time
  • What a great social event and Succot experience. My child had a great time
  • This was a brilliantly fun and informative activity for teens