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Shrubberies Shabbaton a Shining Success

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Shrubberies shul in Manchester hosted an exciting and uplifting Shabbat weekend for young families.  Starting with the Great Shrubbs Bake Off on Wednesday Night, families baked cookies and cakes for senior members of the community and for Kiddush on Shabbat. Shabbat itself started with a communal candle lighting, musical Kabbalat Shabbat, and a Ruach-filled Friday night dinner in the shul. Shabbat Day included a special ‘families’ minyan’ and a buffet Shabbat lunch that allowed the families to stay and engage in the panel discussion taking place. The weekend culminated with a musical Havdalah and a motzai Shabbat pyjama party with family photography and on-the spot magnet printing.

Evaluation from Youth Director Mikey Lebrett:

“The weekend was a huge success. There was an exceptionally warm and familial atmosphere throughout. The children all had an amazing time, and the adults were left feeling part of a special community. We received fabulous feedback, including from attendees who have recently joined the Shul who said that they now feel that they properly belong to the community. Families who have not previously interacted with each other have struck up friendships and visiting non-members have expressed interest in future events.”

Participant Feedback:

  • ‘It was all absolutely fabulous, we all had an amazing time! The Friday night dinner was meticulously planned and the funfair was an absolutely genius idea. Loved the singing. The lunch was lovely. Pyjama party was great, havdala was really special. Would not change a thing.’
  • ‘I gained a continued belief in the importance of our community and an insight from our panel on Shabbat lunch as to some ways to address challenges faced as a parent.’