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Shavuot Cheese & Wine-tasting Evening in Bristol

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On the back of a highly successful Sephardi foods workshop ahead of Rosh Hashana last year, Bristol Hebrew Congregation again went down a culinary route to inspire enthusiasm for an upcoming festival, this time Shavuot. Guests were impressed by the creativity of a Shavuot-themed, kosher wine-tasting and cheese evening facilitated by Ian Abrahams, who shared his expert knowledge on wine and spirits and took questions from the audience. Local congregants and Bristol University students enjoyed the activity together, further consolidating relationships initiated at previous shul events.

Evaluation from Rabbi Singer:

‘The event was a unique evening present by a wine educator that showcased the Kosher wine market today, bringing a greater appreciation and awareness of Kashrus. Served up with a selection of Kosher cheese and Shavuos info it was an ideal pre-Yom Tov event!’

Participant Feedback:

  • ‘Great fun! The expert was extremely knowledgeable and interacted well with questions from the audience throughout the evening. The talks on each of the wines were well pitched to appeal to both novice and expert alike’
  • ‘A very enjoyable and instructive evening. A lovely warm atmosphere and as usual in Bristol students and oldies all mixed and mingled. I look forward to more events which bring the Community together’
  • ‘I really enjoyed the company and the nice selection of kosher wines’