Office of the Chief Rabbi

ShabbatUK @Northwood


ShabbatUK in Northwood was a truly intergenerational event with a brilliant atmosphere and more participants than ever, as members flocked to enjoy explanatory services, communal meals and the scholarly input of both Rabbi Zerbib and visiting Rabbi Shisler, who spoke about the topic du jour, Shabbat! The Mayor of Hillingdon had such an enjoyable time at Friday Night, that he secured himself an invite to Rabbi Zerbib’s induction.


To reach out to the local community and make our presence known by inviting the Mayor of Hillingdon to Friday Night

To attract as many people to Shabbat services as possible, with a view to increasing attendance in the future

To provide high-quality talks that provoke thinking about Shabbat

Evaluation from David Davis:

“Our Friday Night met our objectives on all accounts. We reached out to the local community successfully, we had a good mix of ages across our community, we created a great atmosphere for the service and our Friday Night meal that ran into Shabbat day with explanations as to certain prayers, a big Kiddush, afternoon quiz, Seudah Shlishit and Havdalah. This all played a part in facilitating community bonding.”

Participant Feedback: