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ShabbatUK @Kinloss

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ShabbatUK at Kinloss was a huge grassroots affair, with over 100 volunteers from affiliated and less affiliated backgrounds giving of their time to help produce a jam-packed, unforgettable programme that included a Challah Make, a Chulent Fest, a musical Kabbalat Shabbat, communal meals featuring world-class speakers and a huge Havdallah party. Over from Israel to ramp up the ruach was acapella group Kippa Live, who attracted so many people to the Kabbalat Shabbat that the Kiddush space had to be expanded. Over 2,000 attended across the weekend, with everyone taking away with a positive Shabbat experience.


To provide a ‘Something for Everyone’ Shabbat UK activity led and driven by grass roots communal activity

To provide a Shabbat experience which will attract regular members and those who do not often engage with the shul

To bring the community together in a way that demonstrates what can be achieved when we connect together

To provide opportunities for Chesed throughout the week of Shabbat UK and engage with members to continue with this commitment throughout the year

Evaluation from Fleurise Lewis:

“The ambition to create an inclusive, engaging and inspiring Shabbat experience approach has certainly been realised and now volunteers can now look to the ‘what next’ in order to continue the momentum. Many of the people who attended over the course of the week do not regularly attend Kinloss activities and more than 130 volunteered on the various teams overall. This is a tremendous achievement!”