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ShabbatUK @ HGSS


Inspiring the youngest contingent of the shul membership was a recurring theme of HGSS’ ShabbatUK bonanza, which featured a huge marquee decked out as Abraham and Sarah’s tent, world-class speakers and manifold communal meals that buzzed with ruach. An energetic Youth Friday Night Dinner that offered a programme of fun activities attracted over 100 people, while hundreds flocked to the adult Friday Night and various Challah Makes.


To make use of existing structures to integrate Shabbat UK activity into everyday shul activity

To engage the youth in a more meaningful way during Friday night, to be continued through the youth directors and madrichim

To create the Abraham’s Tent theme in the hope it will be a great springboard for more involvement in children’s services, BA and Tribe

Participant Feedback:

  • We found both the Friday Night and Havdalah joyful, inspiring and truly communal. My wife wants to attend shul every Friday night and do more at Havdalah
  • What impressed me most was the wonderful atmosphere that filled the hall and it was delightful just to be there, and for those who missed out, they missed out big time
  • There is no doubt that our Rabbinic team are second to none; they carry the community spirit that is promoted by the Chief through the whole year, and it culminates with 600 members attending ShabbatUK
  • I loved the Challah Make – it was very smoothly organised with a good variety of activities to keep us occupied whilst we waited for the dough to raise and clear instructions. Thank you to all the organisers