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ShabbatUK @Ahavas Yisrael

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One of Edgware’s youngest communities certainly created a memorable ShabbatUK programme with an array of unique events and activities throughout the weekend. Their Challah Make brought together two different communities as members joined Langdon service users to knead challah, while a new spin was put on Friday Night proceedings with the ‘Shots & Sushi’ Kiddush that followed the upbeat Carlebach service. Langdon residents came back for a musical Melava Malka with a thoroughly British twist – a Fish ‘N’ Chips supper!


  • To bring together our kehilla on Friday night with a special service and Kiddush marking the uniqueness of Shabbat UK
  • To hold a Melaveh Malka to bring in new people with a supper and evening of musical entertainment
  • To join in the Shabbat UK events to further enhance our connection with the US family
  • To bring Shabbat UK to the Langdon community with a Challah bake held jointly with Brady Club

Evaluation from Annette Koslover

“We made multi-coloured rainbow challah at our Challah Make, a fun and stimulating activity which perfectly suited Brady Club attendees and Ahavas Yisrael ladies and girls. It was a moving, unique and uplifting event. It was great to see children, parents, ladies and visitors who don’t regularly attend Friday night services at our Carlebach Friday Night service, which was incredibly uplifting. Our events enhanced the connection between Ahavas Yisrael and Langdon, where our Shabbat services are held. They demonstrated to the wider community our ethos of inclusion, warmth and hospitality.”

Participant Feedback

  • I thought both events were excellent. The entertainment was really excellent from Chazan Caplan’s singing to Yossi Fachler’s amusing Dvar Torah which still managed to carry good messages with it
  • I really enjoyed the Challah Make. I have never made Challah in such a friendly and welcoming environment. The Musical Melava Malka was a lovely way to connect with the community through music and singing
  • It was great and made a real change. It was very busy and a real family atmosphere which is something different on a Friday Night
  • Lovely atmosphere at a cross-communal, multigenerational event that attracted a range of people. The Dvar Torah presentations were just the right style and length and it was a great idea. It was all so enjoyable