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ShabbatUK 2016

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ShabbatUK 2016 might have come and gone but the effects of this wonderful weekend will be long-lasting.

Over the weekend of the 11th/12th November, British Jewry came together to celebrate the third annual ShabbatUK. Thousands of people across the country participated in their community’s Great Challah Makes, lit Shabbat Candles together as part of ‘The Great Friday Night Light’ initiative, and enjoyed the Shabbat festivities together with their families.

The fun wasn’t just restricted to Shabbat Day. On Tuesday 8th November, there was a special ‘Kabbalat Shabbat School Event’ arranged at Lee Valley Athletics Centre, Edmonton. The event bought together over 1400 Primary School children, from 20 different schools, for a morning full of song, dance and snacks. All of the children present gave the Chief Rabbi a rapturous welcome and returned his greetings of “ShabbatUK Shalom”.

This year, for the very first time, there were two specially commissioned ShabbatUK Buses which traveled across London, Leeds and Manchester, visiting a number of schools, Synagogues and high streets in the process. The Bus was packed with ShabbatUK merchandise which was distributed to all of its visitors.

The Chief Rabbi said afterwards: “Reports that we are receiving from around the country are of the largest and most inspiring ShabbatUK yet. Record numbers of people kept and shared Shabbat with their families, friends and communities at events which were ambitious and more impactful than ever before. The beauty of Shabbat is that it returns every seven days to recharge and re-energize. So there’s no need to wait until the next ShabbatUK to enjoy it again!”

See the ShabbatUK 2016 Highlights Reel for a glimpse of the action. You can go to the ShabbatUK website for more information and photos from what was a fantastic weekend.