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Redbridge: ShabbatUK with The Travelling Chasidim

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‘The Travelling Chassidim’ injected some additional musical ruach into this Shabbat programme, while communal spirit took root with a mass ‘walk-a-thon’ to shul and a  a moving Havdalla service.


To unite congregants of all ages under the banner of Shabbat; to encourage people to keep a whole Shabbat and re-stimulate interest in religious observance.

Evaluation from Rabbi Wilson:

“The community atmosphere was fantastic – ‘The Traveling Chassidim’ helped create ruach which was both deeply spiritual and  great fun. The Havdalla concert encapsulated the community spirit and achdus of the day. It gave people a real sense that we can do it – that Shabbat ought to be like this every week.”

Participant Feedback:

  • It was such a good day. ‘The Travelling Chassidim’ were absolutely fantastic and made the whole day special. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
  • As someone living alone, it was delightful to experience a full Shabbat with great company all day.
  • A spiritual and communal experience that made for a very enjoyable and uplifting event.

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