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Pinner-Norwich Twinning Weekend

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Pinner United and Norwich Hebrew Congregation continued to reap the fruits of their twinning labours as the two communities spent another Shabbat together. As well as some highly enjoyable joint services and meals, other highlights included insightful Divrei Torahs and an education programme that explored the history of Jews persecuted in Norwich. As part of a large community with access to all the Jewish amenities and services of North London, Pinner members came to appreciate the difficulties of maintaining Jewish identity in the regions and renewed their commitment to support it. Future events are already on the cards.

Evaluation from Pinner member Leonie Lewis:

‘We discussed publicly who the beneficiaries of twinning are. It’s both communities!! Although Pinner is larger and carries most of the responsibility, members of Norwich really engaged and were an active part. It provided Hizzuk for the Lay ministers and really made Pinner members realise the challenges of living outside London, as well as how hard regional communities work to sustain Yiddishkeit. Our Chair on the programme really gets the idea of collaboration and invited Norwich to join us in Pinner later this year’

Participant Feedback:

  • ‘The atmosphere and ruach over Shabbat was just wonderful. We had a delightful Kabbalat Shabbat with about ten members of the Norwich community who then joined us for dinner. The evening was wonderful. The atmosphere continued into Shabbat day – Pinner member
  • This is the 3rd time I have attended a Shabbat twinning in Norwich and this was the best weekend yet. The atmosphere was fantastic with people from both communities joining together and participating. The programme was excellent – Pinner Member
  • It was delightful to have had a large group of Jewish people visiting our small congregation and for them to see the commitment we have in Norwich to our Jewish way of life’ – Norwich member
  • I attended the Shabbat services and meals, which were wonderful. I took my 14 year old son. His experience is generally of a shul barely achieving a minyan, yet here was vitality and variety and lovely melodies. He also experienced the Grace after meals and using a Benscher for the first time – Norwich member