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Outstanding Israeli Scholars in Alei Tzion over Shabbat Shavuot

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Alei Tzion invited two phenomenal speakers for Shabbat Shavuot. Dr Ziegler is a high-level lecturer and author in Tanach in Israel and the community was delighted to host her in London. Rav Bazak is a renowned teacher and was a wonderful keynote speaker at Alei Tzion’s tikkun leil event. They collaborated with other shuls and organisations to maximise the impact Dr Zeigler could have on the local community. The community also collaborated with Mizrachi and Bnei Akiva for a Yom Yerushalayim breakfast with Dr Ziegler on the Sunday. This programme’s aims was to reaffirm a connection with Israel through having an exceptional example of a religious Zionist speak to them and attract new members with outstanding educational content.

Evaluation from Yehudit Bauernfreund:

“Both speakers provided high level Torah education and were received really well in the community; both within our shul and the wider community. All shiurim given by the scholars were well attended. The feedback for Dr Zeigler was that people found her inspiring and her Tanach interpretations insightful. The feedback for Rav Bazak was that he was warm and engaging and his Hebrew shiur was a highlight”. 

Participant Feedback: