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Northwood: Melava Malka with Ashley Blaker

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Melava Malka with comedian Ashley Blaker


To provide an entertaining, educational and social evening for the community.

 Evaluation from Rabbi Freedman

“We wanted to move away from political speakers and make the event both fun and more directly related to Judaism. Ashley Blaker was the perfect speaker for this. He has a fascinating story and was extremely funny. The atmosphere was fantastic and I managed to have a l’chaim with every table!”

 Participant Feedback

  • The Melava Malka was a great reminder of how good we are when we all get together.
  • A very convivial and entertaining evening among friends, with an intriguing insight into the unlikely combination of an observant lifestyle with a career in TV.
  • I now realise that we can get a large part of our community involved in Shul activities if we put on top quality events.
  • The evening has been one of the best social evenings and people took away a ‘feel good factor’ that members have expressed to me since.

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