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Luton: Community lunch with Rabbi Aubrey Hersh

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Community lunch with Rabbi Aubrey Hersh


To have good quality programming in our Shul.

 Evaluation from Chairman Laurence Benjamin

“There was a warm, vibrant atmosphere in the Synagogue. Rabbi Hersh provided an interesting insight into some of the fundamental concepts of Judaism. This event added to the sense that Luton is able to provide enjoyable and sociable programming for its members. “

 Participant Feedback

  • A most interesting talk on what’s important in life!
  • This talk definitely gave me some food for thought.
  • The talk was entertaining, as well as profound, amidst friendly and enjoyable company and good food.
  • This was clearly a popular event and very well attended. It was excellent in every respect and an admirable tribute to our spiritual leaders and tireless workers at the Shul.

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